You have probably heard the term subdivision or housing subdivision. It is often spoken about as a fast way of making money from a block (or lot) of land. But what exactly is a subdivision and what processes are involved in subdividing? More importantly, who are the people you should approach if you need help subdividing your property? Let’s find out!

What is a Subdivision?

The term subdivision refers to the process of dividing an area of land into “parcels,” making it easier to sell, develop, and manage. In Australia, a single piece of land can be considered a subdivision, and when talking about land for housing, it is usually called a housing subdivision or housing development. In some cases, subdivisions are referred to as estates, communities, or villages.

If you have a large piece of land and you’re wondering whether you can subdivide it, you can contact your local consulting surveyors. Surveyors have a good understanding of local subdivision laws and council policies in your location. If you don’t know a local surveyor, a good alternative is to consult your local council.

Subdivision Process

The subdivision process involves the following steps:

1. The developer performs due diligence by determining if the land is suitable for subdivision. If the land can be subdivided, the developer or landowner must determine the type of property it should be subdivided into, whether strata, survey strata, or green title.

2. An initial plan is created for the subdivision.

3. The developer submits the application for the subdivision to the local planning commission. In return, the planning commission will send the relevant information to concerned government agencies including the local government, as well as the power and water companies.

4. The planning commission delivers conditional approval. As the name implies, the approval is conditional dependant on certain factors such as the block being levelled and the need to demolish a building.

5. A legal survey is performed on the land to be subdivided.

6. The surveyor submits the plan to Land Titles Office at Land & Property Information NSW

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