Stormwater is all that excess water we see running off our roofs and down our driveways after a storm. If it’s a heavy or prolonged storm, there can be a huge amount of potentially damaging water pooling around your home. Hence, the need to contain and divert the water.

Stormwater Pits form part of our plumbing services, but there is a lot of misunderstanding about what a stormwater pit is and who can install them. Keep reading to discover what stormwater pits and drains do and which contractor you should choose to install them.

Stormwater Pits Explained

Put simply, a stormwater pit is a large storage container designed to collect water. They don’t need to be so big that they can hold all the stormwater water at once. The idea is that stormwater flows into the container and it drains away through a series of pipes preventing water pooling around your home.

A stormwater pit isn’t just a hole on the ground either. The pit is usually made of concrete but there are also plastic options including:

  • Light duty stormwater pits (with plastic bases) for residential use
  • Heavy duty stormwater pits (with polypropylene bases)
  • Filtering guards and lids to stop leaves and other substances such as oil (plastic or aluminium)

There are a range of shapes and sizes available, so it’s important to choose the right plumber to install your stormwater pit.

Stormwater Pit Installation

Never try and install a stormwater pit yourself. Stormwater pits need to be engineered to the right size and be constructed of a suitable material that is fit for purpose. The drainage and filtration must also be set up correctly or you are at risk of backups and malfunction.

Choose a local licensed plumber like Pascall Plumbing and Excavations who is experienced in stormwater pits and drainage. Drainage and stormwater is not an area where you should be looking to save money. The consequences of poor drainage (undermining of your foundations or a neighbour’s for example) can be devastating to your property and your finances.

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